When a pedestrian or a car comes into contact with a moving train, the outcome is almost always tragic. Sometimes the train engineer, the railroad or another party may be liable.

Railroads are required to use the highest degree of care, diligence and vigilance in the transport of its passengers to the appropriate destination. Depending upon state law, if a personal injury occurs due to the railroad's noncompliance with safety laws, the carrier may be found to have absolute liability for personal injuries.

For pedestrians and drivers who encounter trains in the road, it is the duty of the rail operator to provide due and timely warning to the general public when trains approach a crossing.

By federal law, all trains must be equipped with (and have turned on) headlights of a specified brightness and horns that produce a warning sound which meets a minimum loudness standard. State laws often specify that a horn must be sounded when approaching a crossing.

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