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Chapter 13 Trustee Information

The following information should help you make your trustee payments every month. If you have any questions, please contact our office at 816-842-6200.

Kansas Chapter 13 Trustee Missouri Chapter 13 Trustee
William H. Griffin
P.O. BOX 613106
Memphis, TN 38101
Richard V. Fink
P.O. BOX 1839
Memphis, TN 38101


Online Payments

If you are a Kansas filer, you can click here to pay online. If you are a Missouri filer, you can click here to pay online.


Online ePay System Prerequisites:

1. You must have a PC or MAC computer capable of accessing the internet.

2. You must have an internet browser that supports SSL V3 or TSL1.0, such as the latest version of Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.

3. You must have a PDF file reader like Adobe Acrobat, Xpdf, or Foxit reader.

4. You must have your bankruptcy case number.

5. You must have the last four digits of your Social Security number.

6. You must have a checking or savings account.

7. You must have a valid email address.

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