There are many reasons people feel the need to file bankruptcy, such as an illness that caused resulted in significant medical bills, a divorce or the loss of a job. If your bills have become too burdensome, bankruptcy may provide a solution. The question that most often arises when we talk to potential bankruptcy clients is "what will be discharged and what won't?"

Bankruptcy will eliminate most debt. Any kind of unsecured debt, such as credit card and medical bills, can be discharged. However, some types of secured debt cannot be discharged in bankruptcy, including:

  • Child support, legal fees and alimony
  • Student loans, including federal loans, tuition assistance and private loans
  • Some income taxes, both federal and state

The above are just a small sample of the many types of debt that may or may not be subject to discharge in bankruptcy proceedings. For more specific information and to evaluate your existing debt and discuss how bankruptcy can help you, contact us at 816-842-6200 to see how we can help you climb out of debt.

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