When a car accident happens, you will need to gather information and take certain steps to help your case.

  1. Notify the police. Tell them if anyone is hurt or if anyone is under the influence.

  2. Collect the following from those involved in the accident (including drivers, passengers, pedestrians and witnesses):
    • Full names
    • Addresses
    • Phone numbers
    • License plate numbers
    • Make and model of cars
    • Insurance status of drivers
    • Name of person to whom vehicle is registered

  3. Take detailed notes about the accident, such as the time and date of the accident, how it occurred, the directions of the vehicles, the names and badge numbers of police officers who came to the scene, and any damage to the vehicles that you saw.

  4. Take photos of the accident scene, including street signs, skid marks, damage to vehicles and weather conditions. If you do not have a camera and you contact Castle Law Office, we may be able to take photos for you.

  5. Get medical help. Even if you were not directly injured in the accident, see your doctor. Sometimes injuries, such as whiplash, do not appear for a few days after the accident.

  6. Contact your insurance company as soon as possible. If you feel that, for any reason, your insurance company may not be willing to cover the accident, contact Castle Law Office before you call your insurance company. Do not answer any questions or make statements to the other drivers' insurance company before speaking to a lawyer.


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