Posted on Apr 02, 2013

A 9-car crash on I-35 in Kansas City shows how complicated car accident cases can be.

The accident occurred during the morning commute around 6:30am on the last Wednesday in March. It happened on Northbound I-35, past Southwest Blvd and Mission Road.

At least three people were injured and hospitalized.

Those injured parties will need to make sure someone handles the cost of their medical care; but large car accidents like this can be very complicated. Reports suggest ice was a factor, and that a van in front caused the crash. It rolled over during the course of the accident.

Was the van's driver at fault for the accident as a whole? Were there extenuating circumstances in any of the 9 cars, like substance abuse, drowsy driving, or texting behind the wheel? Were the cars in back also responsible for damages, since they hit from behind?

As a car accident law firm in Kansas City, we investigate car accident cases for our clients. We research what happened at the accident site and seek out witness and expert testimonies. Our work helps make your case stronger, and helps determine which insurance company should cover the damages.

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