Posted on Jun 25, 2013

In 2009, a North Carolina postal worker appeared on The Price Is Right. When it came time for her to spin the show's famous big wheel, she was able to do it twice.

Unfortunately, that same worker had already filed a workers' comp claim years before. She said she could no longer sit or stand, bend, reach, or even grasp objects after an on-the-job injury in 2004.

She was charged with workers' compensation fraud. Once investigators started looking into her case, they found evidence she'd also zip-lined on a cruise in 2010 and lifted furniture twice in 2011.

The worker pleaded guilty to fraud in federal court last week. She will face sentencing in September.

This case is nowhere near the only example of workers' comp fraud out there. Many people try to work the system, which just makes investigators crack down harder.

As a result, a lot of workers' comp claims might look suspicious even when they shouldn't be. People who are truly injured on the job might be denied benefits because they didn't provide the right information in the right way.

As Kansas City workers' comp lawyers, we see this all the time. We work to help victims of on-the-job injuries to get the compensation they need after the accident.

If that's your situation, don't let women like this scammer give you a bad name and hurt your case. Make sure you have the help you'll need.

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