Posted on Feb 10, 2013

A lot of people who consider bankruptcy are worried about their credit score. It makes perfect sense that this issue would concern you, and we see it every day. But we have good news!

Castle Law of Kansas City has access to a program that helps clients who've filed bankruptcy to increase their credit scores afterwards at a dramatic rate: in some cases, to a score of over 720 in just a year! And that's even after a bankruptcy!

The program shows you tricks and methods to help you rebuild your score even after filing a bankruptcy. The goal is a 720 score or higher — and 720 is an A credit rating.

The program costs $1000 — well worth it if your credit is way low. But Castle Law of Kansas City is now offering it FREE to new clients who enroll after a free consultation.

If you're considering filing bankruptcy, or if you know anyone who's considering bankruptcy, don't let the credit score issue hold you back. Contact us ASAP to get started. You can get out of debt, and even restore your credit rating in as little as 12 months, by giving us a call at 816-842-6200.

Jason C. Amerine
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President and Owner, Castle Law Office of Kansas City