Posted on Sep 24, 2012

On Monday morning, September 17, at approximately 11 a.m., a semi-trailer overturned on Interstate 35, leaving drivers' vehicles sprayed with debris and the freeway closed to traffic.

The Missouri truck accident happened near the Cambridge Circle on the Missouri side of the Kansas state line. This stretch of highway connects Wyandotte and Johnson counties to downtown Kansas City. The road is heavily traveled and was filled with traffic when the accident occurred. Fortunately, there were no injuries as a result of the accident.

For reasons that remain unknown, a semi-trailer lost control and slammed into the barrier of the highway that splits the northbound and southbound traffic. This collision caused the semi-trailer to flip on its side, blocking the lanes of traffic going southbound on I-35. The impact on the barrier of the highway sent road debris in all directions, which made it necessary for the Department of Transportation to close the northbound lanes as well while the debris was cleared from the roadway. The closure of both lanes lasted about three and a half hours, and traffic was diverted to side roads.

There is still damage to the barrier from the impact. This will be repaired, but according to Stephen Porter, a spokesman for the Missouri Department of Transportation, the repairs will be scheduled for the non-peak hours to avoid disrupting traffic on the already busy freeway.

Our firm sends our best wishes to the driver of the truck after what must have been a nerve-rattling experience.