Posted on Mar 22, 2016

Increase Your Credit Score After Bankruptcy

Fair Credit Reporting Act

After a Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, our clients often find that creditors continue collection efforts through improper reporting on their credit reports. Credit reports are used by employers, landlords, utility providers and insurers. Despite their importance, inaccuracies and errors plague credit reports, with an estimated 35% of reports affected by serious errors. These errors lower your credit score and can lead to:


•  Difficulty acquiring a loan to purchasing a house or car

•  Difficulty getting a new job due to low credit score

•  Getting passed over for a promotion at work

•  Higher interest rates on purchases

•  Higher insurance premiums


Having previously filed bankruptcy, you are at risk from abusive creditors who improperly report information to the credit reporting agencies. The Fair Credit Reporting Act allows us to enforce your rights requiring creditors to fix all reporting errors, pay attorney fees, and in some cases even pay you financial compensation. We want you to be protected, which is why we are offering clients this service.

Increase Your Credit Score Today!

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