Posted on Feb 25, 2013

Many people considering a bankruptcy have trouble deciding on an attorney. It can be hard to tell the difference between them, and a lot of times people choose the lawyer that quotes the best price.

However, those lawyers aren't always quoting the correct price.

We often get clients who come into the office after firing their previous bankruptcy attorney. They end up paying much more than they expected from a bankruptcy because the lawyer quoted them an extremely low up-front price. The problem is the hidden fees that aren't included in the original quote.

Need to add a creditor? That's a new fee.

Want to pull your credit report? That's a fee. 

Oh, and that mandatory debtor education course that the court demands you complete? That's another fee. 

"Hidden Costs: How Price Shopping for a Bankruptcy Lawyer Can Cost You" breaks all this down and more. It discusses what to look for in a bankruptcy attorney and what questions to ask if you're concerned about the price. Bankruptcy is already a tough emotional choice to make. Why should the process be harder than it needs to be.

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Jason C. Amerine
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