Posted on Apr 08, 2013

Medication issues are one of the biggest reasons people choose to put loved ones in a nursing home. It can be difficult for  working adult children to make sure their elder takes the right dosage at the right time every day.

But errors can happen in nursing homes, too. Staff members might neglectfully allow a resident to skip medication or take the wrong amount. Prescriptions can even get mixed up and given to the wrong person.

When medication errors occur at a nursing home, it can be considered nursing home abuse or neglect. Drug mistakes can severely injure the elder resident or cause terrible side effects.

Now the makers of a new product want to change all of this. Medical and pharmaceutical groups are looking at pre-packaged pill regimens, set up to each patient's unique requirements, as a solution for both home care and nursing homes.

Some pharmacists already offer this service. They will divide up your week or month of medications so you don't have to remember dosages every time. As this service expands and gains popularity, elder care groups hope it could give families more peace of mind when trying to care for a loved one at home.

These packages could also make it easier for nursing home staff to care for residents and prevent some of the most common medication errors.

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