Posted on Jun 04, 2013

A recent study has revealed that Missouri has one of the highest disability rates in the country.

Approximately 6.1% of Missouri residents receive some form of federal disability benefits, or SSDI. 30.5% of those recipients suffer from recurring back and neck pain.

Some critics of SSDI argue that the numbers reflect unemployed residents trying to take advantage of the system; but at 8.4%, Missouri's unemployment rate is lower than the national average. So if this criticism doesn't completely answer why so many people in Missouri are on disability, what does?

The Missouri government has recently transferred some of the state's welfare benefits onto the federal system and, in the process, tried to improve the acceptance rate for people applying for SSDI.

That led to a shift in the system, so a lot of people that might have been receiving state benefits before started receiving federal disability benefits instead.

Still, there are a lot of people in Missouri who apply for SSDI but are denied. If you're in this situation, we can help. Our Kansas City SSDI lawyers work to build a strong appeal for you and help you get the benefits you need, when you need them.

There's a 60-day limit before the time to appeal runs out, so don't wait: contact us today for a free appointment.

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