Posted on May 13, 2013

To help lower skyrocketing medical bills & health care costs, Advocate Health Care - an Illinois-based program - is encouraging a new system called "accountable care."

Accountable care offers incentives to doctors and health care providers to lower medical costs by using preventative care rather than keeping patients in extremely expensive hospital rooms.

The program works with Blue Cross Blue Shield to project a patient's health care costs. If Advocate comes in under that cost, it splits the savings with the insurance company. If not, it may lose its own revenue.

The result, many say, is better preventative care and more attention to high-risk patients: A New York Times report offers examples of doctors calling heart patients during a storm to remind them not to shovel their own snow. Bedside attendees keep vigilant check over prescription drug levels - a common cause of complications and injury. Physicians monitor at-home patients via computer.

This new model has garnered national attention because of the nation's overwhelming medical bills and health care costs.

We know these costs are a huge problem. As bankruptcy lawyers in Kansas City, we see people in our office all the time who are stressed over hospital bills and medical debt.

Hopefully preventative care will help many people stay out of the hospital and avoid medical debt. But we know that's not everyone's situation.

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