Posted on Sep 14, 2015

At least 118 bridges in the Kansas City Metro area have been deemed poor or in critical condition with no immediate plans to fix them according to Missouri Department of Transportation.

Safety Issues With Bridges Around Kansas City

Missouri Department of Transportation officials said 600 bridges across the state of Missouri are classified in poor or critical condition, with many of them showing significant damage.

Be careful when traveling over these bridges because MODOT has no plans to fix these bridges in the next five years. By the time these bridges could see a time table to be fixed it is estimated that 1,000 bridges will need repaired in that same five year time span, according to The Missouri Department of Transportation.

The MODOT director warned the public earlier in the year about the $325 million slated for it budget was not enough to keep up with dilapidated bridges. MODOT has said that it needs at least $485 million to maintain roads and bridges, this was stated in a news release by Director Dave Nichols.

In the Kansas City area we have the number of bridges that are listed in poor to critical condition:

Jackson – 34

Clay – 17

Johnson – 12

Buchanan – 12

Bates - 11

Cass – 10

Platte – 10

Henry – 7

Lafayette – 6

Ray – 2

Caldwell – 1

List of Unsafe Bridges Around the Kansas City Area

Some of the bridges in Kansas City that contain damage are:

Big Blue River I-70 East

Big Blue River I-70 West

Fire Prairie US 24 West

Blackwater River MO 23 South

Blackwater River Rt W S

Post Oak Rt F S


Please be careful while driving on these bridges around the Kansas City area, as the bridges listed above are listed in poor to critical condition.

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