Posted on Oct 04, 2012

The Food and Drug Administration has issued a warning to all consumers who purchase their medication through an online pharmacy that there may be dangers in doing so.

Online pharmacies have quickly become a popular place to shop for prescription medication. This is because these pharmacies not only provide the convenience of not having to visit an actual physical location, but they can also help save people money. In addition, many offer quick delivery of medicines without the need for a prescription.

However, according to the FDA, more and more online pharmacies are delivering potentially dangerous drugs in Kansas City to their customers. These include drugs that are past their expiration date; pills that do not contain an active ingredient needed for the drug to work properly; contaminated medicines; pills with a reduced amount of the active ingredients; and, in some cases, drugs contaminated with rat poison or arsenic.

Now a national campaign— called BeSafeRX—has been launched called to raise awareness over these fraudulent medicines and help people obtain their medication safely. The campaign is not meant to ban the use of online pharmacies, but rather to encourage patients to research about the online pharmacies prior to using them.

According to research done by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy, only about three percent of all online pharmacies followed federal and state rules. Their website contains a list of the verified online pharmacies that people can feel safe continuing to use.

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