Steps to Follow For Social Media

I want to discuss with you the Do’s and Don’ts of social media.

Here are some quick tips that you should follow.

1) Set your profile to highest level of security. When you do this only your friends or followers can see what you post.

2) Do not post anything about any type of litigation you might be in the middle of.

3) Make all your passwords for social media unique for each social site you are on. Consider using special characters and numbers to make your password stronger.

4) Remember that your employer, school, legal counsel can see what you post on facebook.  If you are in a legal case anything that you post about a case can be subpoenaed by legal counsel.

5) Never accept friend requests from people you do not know. Often times, insurance companies, legal counsel or people that want to get personal information about you will send you a bogus friend request to gain access to your social media activities to use against you.

6) Assume that all status updates, pictures, videos and comments on social media are permanent. Just because you have deleted the information, does not mean that it is removed from the web.

7) Do not click on unusual or suspicious links even if they appear to be sent from friends. This can be spam that launches an attack on your personal files to gain information about you and all of your information including bank account information and other accounts that could be deemed personal.

If you are in the middle of a legal case make sure you follow these rules. If you do not follow these rules they can affect the status of your representation and your case.

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Thanks for watching The Castle Law Office of do’s and don’ts on social media.