Kansas City is a great place to ride a motorcycle. But, within a blink of an eye something can go terribly wrong for a motorcyclist.

Tips For Motorcycle Safety

I’m Jason Amerine with Castle Law Office. We are here to fight for motorcycle riders around the Kansas City metro area. I want to share with you some tips to keep you safe on the road.

Driving around Kansas City can be challenging due to the traffic. Not only does a rider have to pay attention to the road, they also need to pay attention to cars and trucks.

Staying Focused While Riding Your Motorcycle

Watching a drivers head movement in their mirrors is a great way to anticipate sudden moves by car and truck drivers. Most drivers won’t just lunge into a lane of traffic without first moving their head in the direction they are going.

Be Visible On Your Motorcycle

When you are riding make sure you are noticed. The first responders on accident scenes hear “I didn’t see them,” time and time again. Make sure drivers and pedestrians see you. Ride with your high beam on during the daytime, wear brightly colored gear and most important wear your helmet and jacket.

Highway Safety On Your Motorcycle

When you are on the highway do not drive between another vehicle and the off ramp. This may sound simple, but this is often times over looked. Instead make sure you are either in another lane when on and off ramps are coming up, or if you must ride in that lane because your exit is coming up, make sure you have proper spacing between you and the other vehicles.


If you have been injured in an accident we are here, right here to fight for you. Call us at 816-842-7100. These have been your motorcycle safety tips from Castle Law Office.