Halloween Safety


I want to share with you helpful safety tips while out trick or treating with your children on Halloween.

Kids love to go around collecting candy, but did you know a lot of things can go wrong on October 31st?

While you are out with your kids, keep these helpful tips in mind.

Always look both directions while crossing the street.

It can be exciting going from house to house, but did you know that over the last 20 years 115 children under the age of 18 were fatally hit by a car?

Make sure that you are visible and motorists can see you.

Carry a flash light with you, wear something reflective and always cross in a group at crosswalks.

Put electronic devices down while crossing streets.

It might be exciting to put your most recent picture of your child on facebook or Instagram while they are trick or treating. If you are crossing the street this could potentially be an accident in the making. Put the device away while crossing the street.

Always walk on sidewalks or pathways.

If the area you are trick or treating does not have sidewalks, walk facing traffic and as far left as possible.

Check over your children’s candy.

Make sure nothing suspicious is mixed in with their treats. On Oct. 1st police made a drug bust on THC infused candy and sweets. THC is the active ingredient in marijuana. This bust was made in Grain Valley and authorities fear more of these THC edibles could be in our area. Make sure to throw out any suspicious candy that your children collect while going trick or treating.


Halloween is a fun time for people to enjoy. Thanks for watching Castle Law’s Halloween Safety Tips. If you have been injured due to someone else’s negligence please call our injury line at 816-842-7100. You’ll be glad you did.