Protecting your identity during the holidays

On our latest video series we look at Identity Theft Prevention. These tips can help reduce your likelyhood of becoming a victim to these crimes. 

The holiday season is quickly approaching us. That also means that credit card breeches and identity thefts will be on the rise. 

I want to share with you some tips that you can proactively take to minimize the odds of you being a victim to these crimes.

Cancel your card if it is lost.

Failing to report a card lost or stolen gives a person time to buy items from your credit card. The minute you realize it is missing, don’t hesitate, report it to the bank or Credit Card Company.

Check your statement.

Each month double check your bank or credit card statement to make sure nothing suspicious has been purchased.

For extra security, upgrade your fraud protection.

All card networks provide a zero dollar fraud liability guarantee. You can take additional steps to have a tighter security while making purchases. SecureCode by Master Card and Verified by Visa, require an additional PIN when making online transactions.

Making sure that your identity is safe and secure will limit the ability for thieves to steal your identity and hurt your credit score.

Always fill in all lines on a receipt.

Even if a tip is not required but it appears on a receipt, put a zero on that line. Leave no room for doubt.

Avoid putting your credit card information on public computers.

A lot of public computers a susceptible to spyware.

Make sure your home wireless network is secure.

Enable a password to sign in for your home network. Use Upper case and lower case letters as well as numbers for your security passcode for your home network.

In 2014 the retail giant, Target, was breached causing over 70 million people impacted by this data hack.

Please follow these helpful tips to reduce your chances of being the victim of identity or credit card theft.

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