Did You Know #1: 

You have 20 days in Kansas and 30 days in Missouri which to report you’re on the job injury. Sometimes an employee gets hurt at work, but they assume it is just a minor injury and will get better. After a few days, the pain gets worse, the employ reports the incident to their supervisor. Some employers will tell you, that’s too bad you are too late, so sorry! You didn’t report the injury the day it happened so we are not going to provide worker’s compensation benefits for you. This is not the law. You have 30 days to report your injury.  The better way to go about a work related injury is to notify your supervisor immediately.

Did You Know #2:

Did you know that you are entitled to be reimbursed for your mileage to and from your medical appointments? 
This includes not just the mileage to your doctors’ appointments, but also mileage to therapy, to pick up your prescriptions, and parking fees.

Did You Know #3

While you are filing workers compensation, insurance companies can monitor your social media behavior. They do this to see if you are posting status updates or pictures of social events or other events that could result in you losing your workers compensation benefits.

Did You Know #4:

If you are receiving workers’ compensation checks because you have been disabled from working, then you may be entitled to see a doctor of your choice for an independent medical exam and the insurance company has to pay for this appointment!

In Kansas that amount is up to $500. Don’t delay. Speak to an attorney right now to discuss your options.

Did You Know #5:

Do you really know how much the employer and the insurance company are supposed to pay you in weekly wage checks?

Most people don't.

By law, you are entitled to 2/3 of your average weekly wage. Subject to a cap by the insurance companies.

You may be asking, do insurance companies always pay the correct amount?

The answer is no. If they pay you less than the maximum amount per week, they are required by law to file a form that lets you know how they calculated the amount of your weekly check.


There are so many other secrets the insurance companies simply do not want you to know about your worker’s compensation claim.

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