Thank you for retaining Castle Law for your bankruptcy filing, we want to share with you “WHAT’S NEXT.”


You have been given a packet to take home with you. This packet is very important. It needs to be fully completed. Along with this packet we have given you a document checklist to gather and return on your next visit. These items are required by the court. Without these it could delay the filing of your case.  


The bankruptcy court requires you to take a helpful credit counseling course.  We have made it very easy for you to take this course. The credit counseling course is available online 24 hours a day and seven days a week. At your next appointment you will receive the website and code to complete this course.


After completing your credit counseling course and gathering your documents, we will schedule a final appointment with you to review and sign your petition. At this point your case will be ready to file.


When your case is filed with the court, the court will order an “automatic stay” that says no one can do anything to collect a debt from you. They can’t garnish, repossess, foreclose or anything else that involves collecting a debt once the automatic stay has been filed. If a creditor violates this, they could be held in contempt of court.


You will meet with the trustee at your creditors meeting. The trustee will review your documents filed. Creditors rarely show up to these meetings. One of the Castle Law Attorneys will be present at this meeting with you.  


The last thing we do is to discharge your case. The discharge is the court order that says you no longer owe anything on the bills we have filed for.

Thanks for watching and we look forward to working with you throughout these steps. If you have any friends or family that need a financial fresh start we would love to help them out too. Have them call us at 816-842-6200.