We understand that you probably have a ton of questions and concerns after an motor vehicle collision. While it's best to set up a free consultation with our Kansas City car accident lawyer to make sure all your bases are covered, here are answers to 4 of the most common questions we get following a car crash in Kansas or Missouri.

4 Questions to Ask Your Kansas City Car Accident Lawyer After a Crash

1) When Do I File a Claim for a Kansas City Car Accident

If you were injured and your car was damaged, you should file a claim with the insurance company right away but don’t give a recorded statement until you have had a chance to discuss the claim with a Kansas City car accident lawyer. The statues of limitations range from 2 years in Kansas to 5 years in Missouri, but the sooner an attorney is involved, the better.  

questions to ask your kansas city car accident lawyerHow Much Will a Car Accident Attorney Cost?

Our Kansas City car accident lawyer works on a contingency fee, a fee that is dependent on the amount that an individual receives following a settlement or verdict. The contingency fee contract is the most common arrangement in personal injury cases, and provides a number of benefits to our clients. You can learn more about the cost for a Personal Injury Attorney here.

What Do I Say to the Insurance Company?

The insurance company representing the at-fault driver will often reach out to the crash victim to offer a settlement or to discuss the accident. They use a number of tactics to minimize the amount of the settlement. You can always refer the insurance company to your attorney.

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What if I am Unable to Work Following a Car Crash in Kansas or Missouri?

You will want to discuss your case with our Kansas City car accident lawyer, but there is a decent likelihood that you may be able to claim lost wages in your claim if you have missed work or if you missed work because of medical treatment resulting from the accident.

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