When you’re facing a bankruptcy, the last thing you want to think about is another expense like bankruptcy attorney fees. But before you start fee-shopping for a bankruptcy lawyer, here are some things to think about, beacuse as the old adage goes, the cheapest isn't always the best.

Bankruptcy Fee Shopping

First, it might make sense to shop around for the lowest fee if all lawyers were created equal. But in reality, you are looking for the best and most competent bankruptcy lawyer in Kansas City. You want a bankruptcy lawyer who has experience and who knows what to do with a complicated case. You want a Kansas or Missouri lawyer like the ones at Castle Law Office, who take each case and works with you on an individual basis. Castle Law Office truly is YOUR advocate, and we have years of experience in working with bankruptcy cases in Kansas City.

Kansas City bankruptcy lawyerFind a Bankruptcy Lawyer That Can Handle Your Case

Second, some of the “bankruptcy mills” that churn through cases aren’t looking out for your best interests. What if they get the paperwork wrong, or aren’t paying enough attention to understand the nuances of your case? What if their legal staff isn’t competent or caring? You want to make sure that you are paying for a bankruptcy lawyer who has a genuine desire to help you.

Find Out About All Fees

And finally, some attorneys are experts at charging you hidden fees. Some lawyers only charge you a small upfront fee, plus the court filing fee. But they don’t disclose the hidden fees they will charge you after your case is filed. It can be a nasty surprise to discover that you suddenly owe more fees to the bankruptcy lawyer. That’s why Castle Law Office has a free consultation for your case, and we will spell out all of the fees at the beginning before you even sign with us. And we also show you where those fees go – from the mandated court filing fee to your credit reports to mandated bankruptcy counseling and more.  And finally, we offer a free credit counseling program to help you repair your credit score.

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