Kansas City personal injury attorneys for dog bite attacksIn recent years, the number of dog bite victims have been on the rise. What is the cause for this? And, what can be done about it? Our Kansas City personal injury attorneys look to shed some light on these talking points and offer their assistance if you've been injured in a recent dog attack.

What the Cause in the Increase of Dog Bite Victims Across the US?

Some of the answers can be simple, owners train to put aggression into dogs. Aggression can range from growling, barking, snarling, snapping, lunging and biting. The most common reason for aggression is due to fear.

Let’s review the some of the most common reasons for aggressive animals.

Fear Motivated Aggression

Dogs that fear for their safety are more likely to bite other dogs or people. This can be due to how the dog is raised and/or treated. In any case, a dog can feel like they are in harm and act out in aggression.

Genetic Predisposition

As people are predisposed to certain illnesses, certain dogs are predisposed to be more aggressive. This can result from medical conditions or breeds that are more commonly found as “protective” or “fighting” dogs. A few of the aggressive dogs listed are Pit Bulls, Rottweilers and Chows.

Territorial Aggression

Dogs can value their possessions a lot like people do. A valuable possession might be food, toys or even their bed. Our Kansas City personal injury attorneys also advise people to be careful in some instances involving trash, as some dogs can be very possessive of it.

Learned Aggression

Once a dog has acted aggressively over any amount of time, they have started to think that it is ok to act out. For example, if a dog starts to bark and lunge at the postal employee and it gets the mail delivery person to leave, the dog learns that if they bark and lunge a person will leave. Fear-motivated aggression is the most common form of aggression.

Our Kansas City Personal Injury Attorneys Can Help You Recover Financially From These Attacks

If you are ever attacked by an aggressive dog, or suffer a serious dog bite injury, seek medical attention first. The next step is to make sure that you are represented by experienced Kansas City personal injury attorneys to help with medical expenses and lost wages.

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