Filing a workers compensation case can often be a difficult decision, considering you are bringing a case against a current or former employer. No matter how the injury happened, some may feel uncomfortable admitting that they were injured and may be in denial about how serious the injury is because they want to continue to do their duties. In some cases, unfortunately, an individual may fear for their job security as well.

Some businesses, often larger corporations, create a company culture that make it difficult or uncomfortable for an employee to file a workers compensation claim. Unfortunately, in some cases, employers will even make it difficult and will find ways to manipulate employees into thinking that they do not need to file a workers compensation claim. In Missouri and Kansas, it is against the law for any business to retaliate or discriminate against you in any way for filing for a work comp claim or having a lawyer help you with a work comp claim.

You shouldn’t feel uncomfortable if you decide to file a workers’ comp claim. It’s your right as an employee who suffered an injury while serving your employer’s business. If you’ve been injured on the job, you deserve to receive benefits while you’re off work to pay for your bills and continue supporting your family. People of all ages and sizes can suffer injuries at work — it doesn’t reflect on your ability or capability to execute your work.

You should not feel remorseful or anxious if deciding to submit a workers’ comp claim. Employers are not allowed to legally retaliate against you after a workers’ comp claim in most states. If they attempt to do so, you may have the option pursue legal action against them. Laws in Kansas and Missouri may be different, so if you are worried about retaliation, talk to a qualified attorney at Castle Law Office to discuss your specific situation.

Information on how to file a workers compensation claim:

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