The insurance companies label injuries that don’t involve broken bones “minor impact soft tissue” (MIST) injuries.

These injuries include whiplash and back or neck pain, which can sometimes become chronic problems that affect you for the rest of your life.

Note the word “minor” in MIST. Many insurance companies assume MIST injuries are no big deal, even when they do happen.

In an attempt to limit their payments to whiplash victims, the insurance industry has been lobbying lawmakers for years. Some insurance companies want to set a maximum amount paid for all MIST injuries, even if the injury brings a lifetime of chronic pain and related medical bills.

Insurance companies like to argue your injury is only short-term and that you’re greatly exaggerating the symptoms. They might claim it’s not serious enough to miss work. If you’re forced to wear a neck brace, they might claim you only wear it to be over-dramatic.

They’ll say all of this even if your doctor refutes their claims.

In actuality, MIST injuries can be very serious and cause debilitating pain, sometimes for the long term. They can keep you from work, limit your ability to relate with your family, and require physical therapy for an extended period of time.

Extreme cases can lead to chronic pain and even psychological problems. These are facts, backed up by years of medical research and doctors who work with whiplash victims.

Football players experience MIST injuries all the time, and no one writes those injuries off as minor at first glance. Aches and sprains, especially in the neck, will lead to players’ immediate removal from the game and may even cause them to miss part of the season.

The best sports therapists in the world will work with the players for months, and no one bats an eye. No one ever doubts if these injuries are serious — they just worry about protecting the injured players.

Not so with you, when up against big insurance. If your injury is not immediately obvious, car insurance companies may assume the worst and ignore all the research, medical evidence, and physician testimonies out there in an attempt to block your settlement.

Our lawyers know their tactics well, and seeing insurance companies doubt people so easily makes us worry for the accident victims who try to go it alone against these giant corporations.

If you've suffered from whiplash after a car accident, or if you have serious back and neck pain after an accident, you may have a MIST injury. You should contact our Kansas City car accident lawyers ASAP to discuss your case for free.

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