multi-car accident claim Kansas CityGetting compensation from the party at fault can be a long and difficult process, and a multi-car accident may only complicate the process. Our Kansas City personal injury attorneys understand how stressful and frustrating it can be to deal with insurance companies and law enforcement, let alone on a larger scale. To make life a little easier for you, here are 3 questions to ask when filing a multi-car accident claim in Kansas City.

3 of the Most Important Questions to Ask in Any Multi-Car Accident Claim in Kansas City

1) Who’s at Fault?

It is often more difficult to determine who is at fault when multiple vehicles are involved in an accident. The damages a plaintiff may recover in an injury lawsuit may be dependent to the percentage of a defendant’s degree of fault. Unfortunately, insurance companies are well aware of this and sometimes claim that the induvial they cover is also at fault or the insurance companies for the other drivers attributes more fault to one of the drivers but that driver’s insurance doesn’t accept that portion of fault and attributes more to the other even if no one attempts to place any fault on the plaintiff.For example, if car A hits car B, which then hits car C, car A’s insurance will say they are only 50% at fault because car B was too close to car C so they bear equal liability. Then car B’s insurance will say that car B came to a full stop and although maybe they could have left a little more space, that doesn’t account for more than 15% liability. That leaves plaintiff with 35% unaccounted for.

2) Are All the Damages Covered?

In general, the more vehicles involved in an accident, the higher the cost of damages to the parties involved. Almost all auto insurance policies have liability coverage limits - limiting the maximum amount the insurer will pay for injuries and property damage. It’s important to speak with an attorney to understand the potential compensation of your personal injury case.

3) How Do You Get the Maximum Settlement?

In the unfortunate circumstance that you find yourself involved in a car accident or multi-car accident in Kansas City, it is very important that you call our experienced car accident attorney. Without an experienced team behind you, there is an almost zero percent likelihood you and your family will recover full damages. The Kansas City personal injury lawyers at Castle Law Office live, work, and raise our families right here and want to do everything we can to assure the best possible outcome for our local residents.

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