Negligent supervision is designed to hold caretakers and employers responsible for their negligence and occurs when an individual with legal responsibility fails to supervise others, such as children or employees in a responsible manner. A school may be liable for negligent supervision in rare cases. Often times, schools are afforded immunities that protect them. However, daycares, babysitters, and camps are not afforded those same immunities and can be held responsible for failing to supervise a child properly, which leads to injury. Employers may be responsible for their employee’s actions when an employee injures a customer. For example, a bar owner may be liable if their bouncer used excessive force removing a patron from the bar that resulted in injury. A pizza company may be liable if their delivery driver crashed into another vehicle. Also, a nursing home may be liable for negligent supervision if a resident is injured while in their care. 

Civil cases and personal injury claims can be filed against a party who fails to exercise reasonable care when supervising another person.

* Remember to file a report following an accident or injury.

Here is a list of emergency contacts in the Kansas City metro:

  • Kansas City Missouri Police Department: (816) 234-5000
  • Kansas City Kansas Police Department: (913) 573-6000
  • Kansas Highway Patrol: (913) 782-8100
  • Missouri Highway Patrol: (816) 622-0800
  • Wyandotte County Police Department: (913) 596-3000
  • Lenexa Police Department: (913) 477-7300
  • Leawood Police Department: (913) 642-5555
  • Overland Park Police Department: (913) 895-6300
  • Olathe Police Department: (913) 971-7500

Back to School Safety Resources Back-to-school Reminders for All Drivers:

School Safety Announcement:

Child Passenger Safety:

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