After a car accident in Kansas City, it's very common to to be a little out of it and scared, however collecting evidence is crucial in almost every case. According to our highly skilled and experienced Kansas CIty car accident attorneys, there are several steps a victim can take to collect as much evidence as possible (as long as they are able to do so).*First, check yourself for injuries, make sure you are safe from other hazards, and dial 911. Then ...

3 Evidence-Proving Steps to Follow After a Car Accident in Kansas City

1) Initial Assessment

Most crashes are cleared up within 10-15 minutes after the collision occurs. This gives you a minimal amount of time to collect as much information as possible. It may be helpful to write down anything you remember after a car accident in Kansas City, including the cause of the collision, and any other details that could be considered during the case. *Again, make sure you are out of harm’s way before evaluating the scene of the crash.

what to do after a car accident in kansas city2) Video and Pictures

In some cases, there may be video cameras in the area that may have recorded your crash as it happened. In some cases, our Kansas City car accident attorneys may be able to help obtain a copy of the footage through a formal request. This footage can often play a role in validating your case and defend your claim against the insurance company that will be looking for any reason to deny your claim.

3) Preservation of Evidence

Our Kasnas City car accident attorneys can send a letter of spoliation to try and prevent any other party from destroying or disposing of any evidence. In some cases, you may not have had time to document the wreck and this allows your lawyer to evaluate the evidence that you may not have been able to provide during the initial stages of the case.

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