Distracted Driving in Kansas City by Taking Selfies

Distracted driving in Kansas City has long been a problem, and not just in Kansas City, but around the world for that matter. The last thing we need is another reason to get distracted behind the wheel, however recently, another common, yet avoidable issue has come into play.

I think we should all be able to agree that texting and driving is dangerous, but a new study by the Institute of Advanced Motorists shows a trend far worse. Distracted driving in Kansas City (and around the world) has a new foe: selfies while driving.

Taking a Selfie While Driving

One in every five drivers is distracted by taking pictures of themselves behind the wheel while in motion. That number, 20 percent of drivers between 25 and 35 years old, are taking selfies while driving. To the surprise of many, the study actually found that men take more selfies than women. One in eight men captured a picture of themselves while driving while females snapped a picture of themselves one in twenty.

Video Chat While Driving

If you think snapping a picture sounds bad, one out of every twelve drivers admitted to using Skype or Zoom while driving.

Another campaign just launched by AT&T suggests that 70 percent of drivers engage in using their smartphones in one way or another while driving. The study showed that 40 percent of drivers admitted to using social media while driving. Of that 40 percent, 27 percent said they engaged in Facebook as the main thing that distracted them while driving.

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