We are often asked what the statute of limitations are for a personal injury claim. Our lawyers recommend that you contact a personal injury attorney immediately after sustaining an injury, and not delaying your claim if you think you have been injured.  The longer an individual waits, the harder it may be to win the claim. Below are the statutes of limitations for each type of personal injury case, though there could be exceptions and differences depending on the case.

Missouri Statutes of Limitations 

  • Injury on Property: 5 years
  • Auto Accident: 5 years
  • Product Injury: 5 years
  • Medical malpractice: 2 years (can vary)
  • Wrongful death: 3 years
  • Environmental & toxins: 5 years
  • Railroad Injury:  3 years
  • Aviation: 5 years
  • Contract: 10 years
  • Workers’ compensation: 2 years (can vary)

If you have been injured, you need a Kansas City personal injury lawyer to help you with your claim. If you choose our attorneys to represent you, we will work with you to investigate the site of the accident, find any evidence to help prove your case, and research any other factors that could impact your claim. Don't put off your case until it's too late. Call us today at 816-842-7100 to speak with an attorney that will fight to get you the compensation you deserve,or you can click here to email us and schedule your free consultation. 

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