Reasons Why People File Bankruptcy

Very few people have been unaffected by the bad economy of the past decade. Lost jobs and high unemployment. Rising costs for health insurance and medical procedures. Skyrocketing tuition rates. Many people are balancing on a high wire, with only one or two paychecks standing between them and financial disaster.

As a result of this instability, bankruptcies have been at an all-time high. We have years of experience in this field of law and an entire staff dedicated to our bankruptcy clients. We work to make sure that you know what your financial options are and that you have all the information you need before taking this major step.

We want to help you make your life better. By getting your financial house in order, you will be able to more easily achieve your goals, and getting rid of financial stress will make a dramatic difference in your life.

What kinds of debts can bankruptcy take care of? Medical bills, garnishments, payday loans, credit card debt and more. And with certain kinds of bankruptcy, you will be able to keep your car and house.

Castle Law Office has a dedicated staff of attorneys, paralegals and case administrators who will ensure that your cases is handled smoothly. And when your case is discharged, we’ll enroll you in the 720 Credit Score program, which will help you get your credit score back to an A rating within a year of your discharge.

So stop the creditor calls and get that weight off your shoulders. You and your family deserve the fresh start that bankruptcy can give you.

Call our bankruptcy hotline today at 816-842-6200 or click here to email us. You’ll be glad you did.