kansas city personal injury lawsuitWhen you’ve been injured in an accident, of course you want to be compensated for your pain, medical bills and damages. Winning a Kansas City personal injury claim often isn’t as simple as the cases you see on TV shows, but there are some things that you can do to help your case be successful.

4 Ways You Can Increase Your Chances of Winning a Kansas City Personal Injury Claim

1) Get Medical Treatment

It sounds simple, but our Kansas City personal injury lawyers get a number of calls each month from people who say they were injured in an accident but they never sought medical treatment. Maybe it was because they didn’t have medical insurance and were afraid of the cost, or they are the “strong and silent” type who try to tough it out without seeing a doctor. But if you don’t seek medical treatment, it is very hard to prove that you are actually injured and we usually don’t accept those kinds of cases. Don’t try to be a superman … get medical treatment after your injury.

2) Be Consistent and Descriptive With Your Symptoms

Your doctor will have an easier time diagnosing and treating your injuries if you are very detailed about your symptoms. Don’t just say you have pain, but describe the pain. Is it sharp or dull? Throbbing or aching? Some doctors have drawings that you can use to show where your pain is, but it also helps to describe the pain.

And you should definitely be consistent with the description if you actually want to win your Kansas City personal injury claim. If you are seeing a doctor for another matter not related to the accident, be sure to tell him or her about the injury as well. All of this helps to document the injury, so the defendant can’t claim that you weren’t injured.

3) Disclose All Previous Injuries

If you had medical treatment in the past for that part of the body, go ahead and disclose that to your doctor. You want to be honest about any previous injuries and the treatment. If the accident re-injured or aggravated a pre-existing medical condition, we can use that in your case and you still have a legal claim. But a jury will definitely not look kindly on your credibility if you “forgot” about your previous injury or lied about it.

4) Communicate With Your Kansas City Personal Injury Lawyers

Our personal injury lawyers are here to protect your rights after an accident and guide you through the process of recovering a settlement, aka winning your Kansas City personal injury lawsuit. Let us know when you’ve seen a new doctor, when you’ve had tests or surgery, or when you’ve started physical therapy. We need to be kept informed of your condition so that we can order medical records and keep track of your healing. This is difficult to do if you don’t keep us in the loop!

Ultimately, our Kansas City personal injury lawyers want to get you the best settlement possible. By following these simple guidelines, we’ll be able to negotiate a fair settlement for you.

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