kansas city truck accidentTruck accidents are one of the deadliest and most dramatic events that can happen on the road. Because the trucks are so powerful and collision can lead to fatal injuries, a lot of people tend to assume the truck drivers are to blame for these accidents when they happen. However, determining who is at-fault in a Kansas City truck accident can be tricky.

Caution is the Name of the Game

It's true that truck drivers have to be especially cautious on the road. They're behind the wheel of a huge machine that has the power to kill. They work long hours and have tight deadlines, so it's easy to imagine them struggling to get the job done safely.

But many truck drivers do just that. Many truck drivers are defensive behind the wheel and take special care when maneuvering their trucks.

They are the people we depend on to get our goods into stores all over the country - and they get them there through rain, sleet, and snow, through traffic delays and long nights.

So, Who is At-Fault in a Kansas City Truck Accident?

Sometimes the accidents that happen simply aren't the truck driver's fault. Car drivers are sometimes even less alert than truck drivers.

The past few years have brought an increase in texting while driving, in using technology behind the wheel and allowing it to distract us. Just a few seconds looking away can cause any driver to wind up on the wrong side of the road.

Drivers know a car swerving into them could easily end in fatality. Sometimes to avoid oncoming cars, the truck driver will let their own truck swerve off the road or fall into a ditch.

So while we always want to make sure truck drivers are behaving safely - getting plenty of rest, watching out for other vehicles, etc. - it's also important for everyone else to drive carefully whenever we're around these big trucks.

Because whether we drive a truck or a tiny smart car, the drivers sharing the road with us deserve nothing less.

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