Kansas City’s hometown cellular provider has announced that it plans to cut between two and two and a half billion dollars from their budget in the next six months.

Sprint released a statement saying; “Recently we communicated with Sprint employees to update them on the progress we are making to transform our business. We discussed the improvements we have made to many of our key metrics including net adds, churn, and our network. We are laser focused on creating a superior network, being the price leader and providing an amazing customer experience. We are pleased that our business has momentum and we are heading in the right direction. We also shared with our top leaders that in order to be successful, we must change our cost structure so we can fuel our growth and operate more efficiently. We have begun an effort to significantly take costs out of the business so the transformation of the company will be sustainable for the long-term. It is likely that some jobs will be impacted but it’s premature to discuss the details as we are in the early stages of the process.”

Sprint Job Cuts Could Impact Employment

Experts are saying that jobs will most likely be impacted by the budget cuts from Sprint. The only question is when and how many people will unemployed by these drastic budget cuts.

Sprint has stated that in order to keep up with cellular business they have to transform business and fuel growth. The wireless industry is very competitive and Sprint has made several steps in the Kansas City metro to grow the wireless network, but this is truly sad news for many potentially unemployed workers.

The statement that was released yesterday also stated; “This is a difficult process and we won’t make decisions lightly. Whatever decisions are made, we will inform our employees first and treat any impacted employees with dignity and respect. We believe the steps we are taking across our business are critical to ensuring Sprint is a viable, successful and sustainable business for the foreseeable future.”

Sprint Rate Plan Increase

On October 1st, Sprint announced that it was making some changes to their pricing as well. Sprint announced that their unlimited plan would raise $10 a month. Customers will be paying $70 instead of the $60 they are currently paying for that plan. Changes for this plan will take effect on October 16, 2015.

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