This video illustrates a car swerving from his lane into the lane next to him and back over. The lane to the left of the car happened to have a passing motorcycle in it. When the car veered to the left, it struck the motorcycle, causing the motorcycle to crash. The motorcyclist was thrown to the grass on the left. 

This collision could have easily been prevented. Both parties made significant mistakes that led to the collision. 

First, the motorcycle should not have been to the left of the car. The motorcycle was passing multiple cars, illegally, against double yellow lines. Had he not been passing, the collision would not have occurred. 

Second, the video does not show any reason for the car to have swerved. There was nothing in his way and no animals that ran out in front of him. He swerves to the left, hits the motorcycle, and swerves back into his lane. We don't know what caused him to swerve - whether it was intentional, whether the driver was texting, whether he was attempting to scar the motorcycle driver for passing as he was and accidentally overcorrected, or any number of potential causes. 

What we do know, though, is that the motorcyclist looks injured and the collision should never have occurred had both parties been operating their motor vehicles in a safe manner. When operating a motor vehicle, you have a duty to operate in a reasonable, safe manner to protect yourself and those around you. Cars, trucks, and motorcycles are essentially weapons and can cause significant injuries and even death. So, please be responsible and drive safe.

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