kansas city workers' comp lawyerWhen you’ve been injured on the job, you’ll probably hear this statement repeated over and over – from your employer to the insurance company and the doctors that they send you to: “You don’t need a lawyer.” After all, it’s to their advantage that you don’t get a workers' comp lawyer to represent your interests.

And there are times when you actually don’t need a Kansas City workers' comp lawyer. If you’ve had just a minor injury – like a cut with stitches or a twisted ankle – most competent attorneys are going to advise you that you don’t have a case and shouldn’t hire then. 

Additionally, if you haven’t missed any work or only missed a day or two, then you probably haven’t been injured enough to warrant having a Kansas City workers' comp lawyer on your side. Those are relatively uncomplicated kinds of cases, and you will be better off dealing with the work comp insurance company yourself.

Reasons to Hire a Workers' Comp Lawyer for 'On The Job' Injuries

Here’s when you should hire a Kansas City workers' comp lawyer:

  • If your work injury is serious enough that you will have or have had surgery.
  • If your work injury is severe enough that your doctor thinks your life won’t be the same as it was before the injury.
  • You miss a large amount of time from work recovering from your injuries, or you believe you can’t go back to work to do the same job.
  • You don’t think you are receiving the correct benefits, or your company is disputing your claim.

Complicated Work Injuries

Whenever it seems like your case is becoming a little more complicated, that’s when you should absolutely consult with a Kansas City workers' comp lawyer. Most initial consultations are free, so it doesn’t hurt to double-check with a workers' compensation attorney to see if your case warrants hiring him or her.

Bring some questions to the meeting and get a real feel for the attorney. Ask how long they’ve been practicing and how many cases they’ve handled. Ask how they approach workers' comp cases in Kansas City and what they think about your circumstances. You want to feel as comfortable as possible with the workers' comp lawyer you hire and the process before making this kind of big decision.

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