Slip-and-fall injury law has a bad reputation. A lot of people assume slip-and-fall injuries are frivolous. They argue people aren't badly injured by slipping and falling on something; and they presume it's the injured person's fault for not being careful.

In reality, neither of these assumptions are true.

1. Slip and fall injuries can REALLY hurt.

As a slip and fall attorney in Kansas City, I see severe injuries from these kinds of accidents.

When a person trips on an item left out in a grocery store aisle, for example, it can cause hip fractures, permanent back injuries, and even trauma to the head. The shopper may be elderly and more vulnerable to serious injury. It may be a new mother whose injuries leave her bedridden for a time and unable to take care of her child.

The medical bills can leave people in serious debt; and with long-term pain, some people lose time at work or have trouble finding jobs they can do with their injuries.

Of course there are people who try to scam the system - though often unsuccessfully. That happens in other industries as well, from banking to coupon clipping. But the people we represent are injured, and sometimes injured badly.

2. Places of business have a responsibility.

When you invite someone into your place of business, you have a responsibility to that person not to cause them harm.

It may not be intentional, but lazy or sloppy management can be very dangerous. To continue with the grocery store example, people in these stores often have heavy carts with them. They may be carrying shopping bags. That makes it even harder for them to see spills or obstacles in the aisles.

It's important for businesses to welcome customers into a safe space where they can shop without having to worry about hip fractures. Keeping the space free of spills, warning customers of dangers in the walkways, and responding quickly to risks is part of doing business responsibly.

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