Did you know nursing home abuse and neglect includes more than just physical harm? In fact, according to our Kansas City personal injury lawyer, there are many other ways that nursing home staff take advantage of their elder residents.

Kansas City personal injury lawyer for nursing home abuseWhile it's important to watch for bedsores, bruises, and signs of obvious physical neglect or wrongdoing, there are other factors to keep in mind as well. Here are five risks that may surprise you:

5 Surprising Nursing Home Abuse Risks

1. Financial Exploitation 
Nursing home staff or people claiming to be guests of your loved one will sometimes use their access to get your elder's signature on important financial assets like his or her estate. They might convince the elder to give them money or write a check, or sign over property to them. To prevent financial abuse in a nursing home, you can sometimes protect the assets by using a living trust and regularly checking all of your loved one's banking and financial records.

2. Petty Theft by Nursing Home Staff
Similar to financial exploitation, there are people who may try to steal your loved one's belongings like purses and jewelry. Keep account of valuables brought into the residence and stay aware of how much money your loved one should have on them, if any.

3. Inadequate Night Staff 
The night shift is just as important as the day shift when it comes to caring for your loved one in case of emergency. Unfortunately, a lot of nursing homes cut corners at night and don't hire adequate evening staff. If something happens and they're so understaffed that it leads to injury, this could be considered neglect.

4. Sexual Abuse
Tragically, sexual abuse does happen in nursing homes. Sometimes it occurs because a nursing home fails to secure the facilities at night. More commonly, though, it's committed by staff. This type of abuse can be difficult to recognize, as the injury is usually out of sight. Abusive staff members know this, so it's important as family that you always ask your loved one questions about their emotional health. Sometimes just having an active family member regularly on site will deter abusive staff.

5. Emotional or Verbal Abuse
Does your loved one receive the emotional care they deserve? Listen carefully when you visit your elder for sounds of verbal abuse elsewhere in the building. For the cost of nursing home care and the pain of leaving your loved one in an unfamiliar place, this common problem should never be tolerated.

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