Posted on Sep 11, 2012

Have you been in a Missouri car accident? If so, there’s an app that can help you.

The Kansas City-based National Association of Insurance Commissioners recently released their new application that will help drivers better handle the hectic situation that ensues following a car crash. The app, titled WreckCheck, is free in the iTunes Store and Google Play.

The goal of WreckCheck is to help accident victims avoid identity theft. This is a common hazard following a car crash because of the sensitivity of the information that is exchanged. Following an accident, drivers use the app to help guide them on when to call the police and what information should be given to the other driver.

In many cases, people exchange too much information unnecessarily, such as their driver license number and home address. In fact, one out of six drivers surveyed by the Kansas City-based association stated that they would allow the other driver to photograph their driver license. This information can expose unknowing drivers to identity theft, which can make their car accident experience go from bad to worse.

Another benefit of the app is the feature that encourages drivers to take pictures of the damages to help document what happened. This can be important when determining who is at fault and coming to a fair settlement.

While the app does not take into account specific state laws regarding when to call police, it does help to give general advice for national drivers.

To download the app, visit either the Apple iTunes Store or the Google Play store on devices that use the Android Operating System.

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