Posted on Aug 14, 2015

Kansas City has put out a clear and simple message to the people for a new survey. “Tell us how you really feel.”

Kansas City’s city manager, Troy Schulte said “This data provides us valuable input on what we are doing well and what needs to improvement.”

How Happy are Residents in Kansas City

Between August 2014 and May of 2015 the city surveyed 4,000 residents.

What they found from “Tell us how you really feel” is astounding. Kansas City found a 4.8 percent increase with city services.

Kansas City Mayor Sly James said, “citizen satisfaction is at 60 percent. That’s seven percentage points above the average for cities in Missouri and Kansas, and 10 percentage points for comparable cities across the nation.”

In light of recent stories of police departments, Kansas City Police ranked especially well. Sly James attributes that in part of the leadership of Police Chief Darryl Forte.

“He’s rearranged the police department in order to provide more efficient services, torn down some of the silos, shared research so that they are more efficient in how they are doing things, and the fact of the matter is that violent crime, homicides in particular, down for the lowest numbers in 42 years, has to be a part of it,” said Mayor James.

While several areas showed a gain across the city. Some areas did not fare so well. Satisfaction with the airport, infectious disease and animal control are all down. The city said it is going to improve on those areas to keep people happy with those services.

Here is a breakdown on the increase/decrease over last year.

Increases since the last survey:

  • Quality of police services (+3%)

  • Quality of Health Department services (+2.6%)

  • Maintenance of streets, sidewalks and infrastructure (+2.4%)

  • City parks and recreation programs and facilities (+2.2%)

  • Effectiveness of city communication with the public (+2.1%)

  • Quality of the city’s 311 service (+2%)

  • Quality of customer service from city employees (+1.9%)

  • Quality of city water utilities (+1.8%)

    Decreases since the last survey:

  • Airport services:

  • Facility cleanliness (-5.6%)

  • Parking availability (-4.7%)

  • Parking price (-4.7%)

  • Ease of security (-3.0%)

  • Quality of Animal Control (-2.3%)

  • Preventing spread of infectious diseases (-6.9%)

  • Mowing and Tree trimming (-3.8%)

  • Sign removal (-2.1%)

    Great job to the leadership of Kansas City for their hard work and changing city satisfaction.


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